An experienced UX & CX designer helping businesses create quality products & services using User Centred Design principles.


I am a UX Designer based in London UK, with a degree in Fine Art, User Experience Design Circuit Certificate from General Assembly and a member of the Interaction Design Foundation. I have experience in collaborating with teams and working on my own to create full lifecycle digital projects as well as physical Customer Experience (CX) for companies from a wide range of industries.

Case Study


Customer Lifecycle Management System prototype.   

UX Design for proposition brought forward by Partners to develop solutions for their Corporate and Investment bank clients to improve the Customer Lifecycle Management and Holistic View experiences.

Stakeholder Interviews, Whiteboard Sessions, User Research, User Interviews, Competitive Research, Synthesising research to validate prioritised hypotheses and proposed solutions.

Development of Personas, User Stories, Scenarios, User Flows, Information Architecture and Navigation, Rapid Prototyping, live sketching during research phases and low fidelity user testing.

Applying Data Visualisation through graphic representation of data by producing images to communicate relationships among represented data for wireframes and prototypes.

Delivering detailed designs of prioritised solutions including low-fidelity prototypes and demo high-fidelity.

Prototype to showcase the defined solutions. Performing User Testing for proposed solutions.

Case Study


UX design refresher course

6 week intensive mentor led UX design course with allocated project to ensure current up to date subject knowledge.

User research and interviews, Competitive Analysis, Identify target market, Personas, Purpose Definition, Information Architecture, User Flows, Wireframes, Prototypes, Testing, Iteration and Pivots.

Case Study


Customer Experience Design

Using User Centred & Customer Experience (CX) Design Principles to solve guest experiences needs in a physical environment within the security department as Director of Security. Successfully implementing working Policies and Procedures using Design Thinking process.

Customer Research, Process Research, Data Gathering, Persona Development, Process Design, User Flows, Testing, Iterating, Documentation, Audit.

Case Study


Customer Relationship Management System (SaaS)

Briteplan is a cloud-based CRM Saas responsive web application, providing project managers and management with a holistic view on resource planning and tracking with the ability to available skills at a glance, with an integrated optimal planner that recommends the best staff member for the job, based on location, schedule and competencies.

User Interviews, User Research, Persona Development, Wireframing, Low to Medium Fidelity Prototyping, Testing, Iterations, Workflow Improvement.

Case Study


Enterprise Social Media Platform (Portal)

Funcurrent was originally intended to be a social networking platform and a gateway to gaming, whether online, offline, board games, battle re-enactments or paper based games like Sudoku.

User Research, Persona Development, Wireframing, Prototyping, Testing, UI Design.